In 2012, I was awarded with a scholarship sponsored by the SanLucar volunteer program in South Africa. During four weeks, I supported the NGO The Homestead, a non-profit organisation for street children and their families in Cape Town and organised several afterschool activities for children of the employees on SanLucar’s farm Roihoogte. In this video, I give a brief overview of the project and my experience as a volunteer.

During my time as a volunteer, I provided support for the job creation project Ubunye Beadworks in social entrepreneurship, brand building, brand promotion and social media activities. On the one hand, I developed an online concept for the African Jewellery Ubunye Beadworks which included the production of an image video, social media activities and a weekly newsletter.

On the other hand, I instructed women at risk of social exclusion in product innovation strategies. For instance, I facilitated a workshop in which they were taught an ecological craft technique using orange peel. Furthermore, I spent one week on the farm Roihoogte where I organised several after school activities for the children of SanLucar’s employees.